Why Kinesiology?

Because It works! Liverpool's top Kinesiology

Why do People Use Kinesiology?

Kinesiology helps to encourage people to find peace and joy within themselves and the freedom to live life to the fullest. Kinesiology encourages people to look hard at themselves to know what they want, who they want to be and to embrace the outcome. Welcome to the New You!

To Find Healing.

Reduce pain – both physical and emotional.
Improve memory and learning.
Integrate the body's energy systems.
Help with stress reduction.
Diffuse negative emotions and beliefs.
Release phobias.

Be Energized

Be Strong

Be at Peace

Be Healthy

How does it work?

As kinesiology is a multi-discipline modality it is capable of healing most things. The treatment is different for each person and is matched to their individual needs. It can assist with emotional, energetic, physical, psychological and nutritional balance.


A comprehensive consultation is an important first step where I take details of your medical history, medication and supplements that you may be taking; any injuries that you may have had during your life time and any other concerns that you may have. I then use muscle monitoring techniques to locate the energy stress or blockage within the body to enable me to access the body’s innate healing system. From here I work out the best correction technique required that would benefit you. I am not just about relieving the immediate problem, but improving your overall well being.


By using the body's biofeedback system, I am able to access information about you on a conscious and subconscious level. Holistic kinesiology can identify the issues that are stopping the body's natural healing processes. Once the issue is identified, a range of different correction methods are applied to correct the imbalance, including acupressure, the chakra system, reflexology, essences, and colour, sound and visualisation/relaxation techniques.


As no two people are the same, I treat all my clients individually, so each session is based on your needs only. Therefore, the number of sessions needed also varies from person to person.

Karen Brown is a Member of the Australian Kinesiology Association

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