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Everyone wants to live a balanced life. Would you like to...

Have freedom and stop experiencing physical pain?
Be more energized and stop suffering from depression?
Feel more at peace and stop experiencing stress?
Feel strong in yourself and stop being paralyzed from fear?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, then kinesiology can help get you back on track feeling more balanced with your life.

Expert Qualifications

Karen Brown's qualifications offer top expertise in Kinesiology. Karen is registered as a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner Level 5 with the AKA and A Professional Member of the ATMS.

Australian Traditional Medicine Society

Australian Kinesiology Association

The Aim of Kinesiology

The aim of Kinesiology is to help combat the effects of stress and to balance your body energies, in order for you to achieve growth, whether they be in relation to existing health issues or your performance at work, school, or sport; Kinesiology seeks to improve your relationships and accelerate your personal growth. No matter what your needs are, Holistic Kinesiology always honours YOU as an individual.

Be at Peace with Karen Brown's Holistic Kinesiology. Restore Clarity to Your Consciousness.

Why I Practice Kinesiology

My first experience of kinesiology was in 2005 at a Mind, Body & Spirit festival where I had a short treatment session with a student from the Colleague of Complementary Medicine. That first session cemented in my mind on how powerful kinesiology is and how I could help others, so I changed my studies and colleague from yoga teaching to kinesiology.

After suffering from late stage 3 to early stage 4 RSI, since 1985, on both hands, arms and shoulders and with the collapse of my chest and back muscles, I have an understanding of what constant pain is and not being able to do the things that you love to do because of injury. As a student of kinesiology, I found profound relieve from my own symptoms after many years of trying physiotherapy, natural therapy and acupuncture. I only wish that I had found kinesiology earlier in my life.

I have a strong belief that kinesiology can get to the core issue of the problem and restores clarity to your consciousness, thereby relieving a person of both their emotional and physical pain. Within my kinesiology sessions, I integrate my yoga knowledge and practice along with flower essences, colour and sound therapy, and essential oils in helping my clients to know and diffuse their problems.

Karen Brown is a Member of the Australian Kinesiology Association

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